Kunkeshwar Temple

Kunkeshwar Temple is situated at kunkeshwar beach in Devgad, Sindhudurg district.  Kunkeshwar is a small village in devgad around 15 KM from Devgad ST depot. The origin place was owned by Yadav rulers but in 12th century this temple was built by a Muslim merchant of lran. The Shaha of lran of that time became very angry for this deed and he ordered to imprison the merchant. Anyhow the merchant got the information and he suicide by jumping down from this temples kalash. His tomb is near the temple. The 8 storied temples plinth is towered and the walls are erected so carefully that the tower shape of the temple created automatically. Walls of the temple are well crafted In the sanctuary, Shivlingam is placed. A pagoda like Kailash temple is behind this temple. It has sabhamandap and 5 stony chandeliers. It has Shivpanchayatan i.e. images of ShivpindiParvati,NandiShri Deo Mandlik and Ganesh. Next there is Vishnu temple in  Dashavtar. In the nearly gumphas there are idols in black stone, 18 mask god, Shivlingam, Nandi, man-woman, etc. ln total, the temple has created wonder and beauty with the background of Arabian sea.